With the rapid and ever changing cycles our real estate industry brings us, Realtors often forget about the “Low Hanging Fruit” or as Wikipedia would define it; tasks that have the greatest positive effect for the least effort. Well, if you would kindly indulge me, here are my two cents on how you can position yourself to harvest more of the “Low Hanging Fruit”; or how Lewis Broker would define it- apartment referral incentive opportunities we offer every day at all our Lewis Apartment Communities.

Lewis Broker Referral Program

Because Lewis Apartment Communities recognizes the important role real estate professionals play in our business, we proudly offer our Broker Referral Program as a way to thank you for your referrals. Follow the steps outlined in the program, in order to ensure you position yourself to earn a generous apartment referral incentive:

Apartment Referrals Process Infographic For Lewis Broker Program

Get into Incentive Earning Mode!

Start by saying yes to those potential clients that ask you if you do rentals!

We ask that you walk in your client(s) to one of our communities on their first visit, and if they rent for 6 months or longer, you would earn 6% of the gross total rent for the initial lease term.

Earn $200 flat rate for your client(s) who rents for a 3-5-month lease term (examples of short-term leases may be waiting for their home to be completed, job relocation, etc.). The $200 flat rate also applies in situations when you refer your client(s) to our communities and they are unaccompanied by you on the first visit.

Remember, these individuals/families that you’ve helped with their rental housing needs today, may very well become buyers tomorrow… These are also the very people that since you have taken care of their housing needs so well (and have kept in your database of course), they will be that much more willing to recommend you, as a reliable GO TO agent, to their friends and family.

Earn apartment referrals commission at Lewis Broker

Inform your client(s) that Lewis Apartment Communities offer a wide selection of apartment homes, townhomes, villas, duplexes, single family residences, furnished apartments, and even corporate housing.

LewisBroker.com is Your Resource

Visit LewisBroker.com where you can learn more details about our Broker Referral Program, subscribe to receive New Community Updates and opportunities, and be informed about Special VIP events at our communities.

Remember that we, at Lewis Group Of Companies, recognize the importance of the Real Estate Community, which is precisely why we want to position you to earn more incentives this year!!

We look forward to working with you and meeting the needs of your client(s); if you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please email us at LewisBroker@Lewismc.com or contact me, Mauricio, at 909-946-7506.


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