Awarding Educators: The 2017 Terra Vista School Staff Appreciation Mixer

https://youtu.be/9CA6twTR3Zs On May 18th, the Lewis Group of Companies held their annual Terra Vista School Staff Appreciation mixer in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to thank principals, teachers, and staff for their excellent contributions to education in the local area. Representatives from these schools attended the event: Rancho Cucamonga High School Ruth Musser Middle School Coyote Canyon Elementary [...]

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Developing a Health Conscious Future Through the Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbIsahy1-FY&utm_campaign=lgoc_news&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=blog-randall-health-fellowship The Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship is an intern program designed to develop and equip graduate students in health related fields to influence public policy and the local community. The Fellowship works to create educational and professional opportunities in health policies and encourage students to make a difference in their community. "The fellowship [...]

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MainStreet Theatre Company: Education Through Performing Arts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id0LkojNgNg For the past 10 years, the Lewis Family Playhouse has been producing truly spectacular children's plays through the MainStreet Theatre Company. Just in case you haven't heard, the MainStreet Theatre Company strives to make theater a roller coaster ride of unique and engaging experiences for each and every child. And what a ride it [...]

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Lewis and San Antonio Regional Hospital Create Healthier Communities Through Partnership

San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, CA and Randall W. Lewis, Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of Companies, have announced a partnership called the Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute. Randall Lewis has been a pioneer in developing initiatives that promote healthy living and healthy communities. The partnership serves cities that the Lewis Group of [...]

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Lewis Group of Companies Recognizes Terra Vista Educators

The Celebration of Education and Community https://youtu.be/nlbTWKD0sz4 For fifteen years, the Lewis Group of Companies has celebrated the city’s commitment to building an educated work force at the Teacher Appreciation Event. Annually, teachers and principals of the Rancho Cucamonga School District and members of the Rancho Cucamonga City Council come together to applaud educators' positive impact on [...]

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Improving Education through the San Bernardino County Alliance for Education

What is the Alliance for Education and how is Lewis involved? In San Bernardino County the k-12 education system faces challenges that impact the community and quality of life. The San Bernardino County Alliance for Education is active in addressing those issues and aims to achieve a more qualified workforce and vibrant economy through strengthening education [...]

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Developing Health Professionals through the Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship

Purpose The Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship (RLHPF) is a competitive intern program that develops and equips graduate students pursuing a masters or doctorate in health related fields with the skill set to influence change in public policy and local community. The RLHPF, active since 2011, is one of many ways the Lewis Group of Companies promotes [...]

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Lewis Employees and Salvation Army Team Up to Help Families in Need

For several years the employees of the Lewis Group of Companies have raised funds during the holiday season to supply wishlist items to families in need through the Salvation Army. Edna Montag, Office Manager, states “Our employees have been so generous and come through every year for these families”. This year, Lewis employees raised enough funds [...]

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Randall Lewis Supports Education at the League of California Cities

When it comes to new homes, apartment communities and retail centers in the Inland Empire it is well known that the Lewis name is the leader in the business. Equally important, the Lewis Group of Companies' is actively involved in giving back to the community through outreach programs. Randall Lewis has played an enormous role in supporting [...]

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