Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship


The Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship (RLHPF) is a competitive intern program that develops and equips graduate students pursuing a masters or doctorate in health related fields with the skill set to influence change in public policy and local community. The RLHPF, active since 2011, is one of many ways the Lewis Group of Companies promotes healthy living.

“Too many promising young minds leave the Inland Empire after graduating from the region’s colleges and universities. I hope this program will stem the loss by providing a path back to the communities that they were educated in.” -Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President for Lewis Group of Companies

The RLHPF is a collaborative partnership between Lewis Group of Companies and Partners for Better Health-a nonprofit organization that works with agencies to develop health services in an effort to meet the health needs of local communities.

For an academic year, interns tackle health related issues that impact local communities and work to identify issues and implement change. Students receive academic credit for field experience and fulfill internship requirements.


Community Impact

RLHPF aims to recruit the brightest and earnest of students to make a positive impact and lifestyle change in their community.

Chi Huynh, USC Keck School of Medicine graduate and  2015 RLHPF intern, teamed up with the students at Apple Valley High School to create and implement the Healthy Apple Valley Street Fair and Farmer’s Market. During the Farmer’s Market, a healthy lifestyle was promoted through fitness activities, cooking demonstrations, and fresh produce.

“The hands-on approach of this project has given the students great experience, skills, and confidence in their work. The project shows just how successful these students will be in the future.” – Chi Huynh, Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship Intern 2015

Jeanette Hughes, Claremont Graduate University, implemented a “Walking Bus” where students, who ordinarily take the school bus to school, were given a walking route with regular stops and adult chaperons.

“With the rise of obesity in America, cities are trying to find innovative ways to combat and overcome this chronic disease. Prevention is key, so it is vital that school children get their exercise daily.” – Jeanette Hughes, Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship Intern 2011

Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship

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