Throughout the year, Josh Freeland, Lewis Retail property manager for Eastvale Gateway Shopping Center, worked closely with Waste Management and the City of Eastvale to improve the recycling program at Eastvale Gateway.

For these efforts, the City of Eastvale and Waste Management named Eastvale Gateway the “Recycling All-Star for 2016”.

The award is dedicated to recycling and conserving natural resources, and is intended to encourage community members of Eastvale to be role models in recycling. Only two awards are given each year, one to a commercial property and one residential household.

eastvale gateway recycle julie reyes“It is our hope that these awards will encourage businesses and residents to remain engaged in the City’s recycling efforts and help increase recycling every year,” – Julie Reyes, Community Relations Manager for Waste Management of the Inland Empire

 Josh Freeland: Recycling Advocate for Eastvale Gateway

This all came to fruition when Josh saw the need for better recycling at Eastvale Gateway and noticed bins were filling up faster then Waste Management was picking them up.

Josh was the front runner and initiator in increasing frequent recycling pick-ups all while building a strong partnership with Waste Management.

eastvale gateway recycle josh freeland“I worked with waste management and the city to let them know there was a higher need for recycling in the area and could be met with an extra day of pick-up service.”

Josh also worked with the retailers within Eastvale Gateway and the groundskeepers to make sure enclosures were clean and all boxes were broken down. What he didn’t know was that Waste Management had recognized his efforts and made the city aware of his work:

eastvale gateway recycle josh freeland“The award was put together by Waste Management and the drivers of Waste Management who recognized us. The route managers said we did a good job in maintaining the recycling units.”

A Greener Future

In addition to improving recycling habits in the City of Eastvale, Eastvale Gateway and Waste Management are contributing to a huge goal set by Waste Management. In 2007, Waste Management set sustainability goals that ensures 20 million tons of recyclables will be managed throughout the year.

In 2015, Waste Management recycled 14.0 million tons, and they are well on their way to reaching the goal of recycling 20 million tons by 2020.

eastvale gateway recycle

Waste Management

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