Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Gala and Randall Lewis

On October 13th, 2016, Randall Lewis and the Lewis Group Of Companies were honored at the Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council’s (IEHLC) 6th Annual Gala.  Along with two other community leaders, Randall and company were recognized “for their vision, courage and determination in paving the way towards greater opportunities.”

Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council

The Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council (IEHLC) is a non-profit organization made up of leaders who collaborate to form solutions that improve the quality of life for the Hispanic community in the Inland Empire.

The IEHLC primarily focuses its efforts in the areas of Business, Education, and Public Policy. This collaborative mix of leaders meets regularly to support the vision and purpose of the IEHLC: “to improve quality of life and create opportunities in order to sustain positive and reasonable growth for the Hispanic community.”

Hurtado IEHLC Gala“Over the past year, we have once again successfully brought leaders on issues of business, education and public policy to our Community through our Leadership Empowerment Series. We have launched our scholarship foundation and are proud of Riane Castro and Jeanette Martinez for being the first recipients. We will continue with our efforts to remain the premier voice of Hispanics in the region and in turn all residents of the Inland Empire will benefit.”

– Jaime Hurtado, President of IEHLC

IEHLC’s 6th Annual Gala

The 6th Annual IEHLC Gala was held at the Cardenas home (Cardenas Market) where the following community leaders were honored and recognized:

Champion Award – Randall Lewis, Executive VP of the Lewis Group Of Companies

Champion Award – Mary Figueroa, Board of Trustee Member for Riverside Community College

Legend Award – Lynn Valbuena, Chairwoman from San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Randall W. Lewis Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of Companies.“We were honored to receive this recognition from the Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council.  It is a tribute to our company’s history of building community leaders.”

-Randall Lewis, Executive VP for the Lewis Group Of Companies

The Champion Award honors and recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond to dedicate their time, talent, or financial contributions to the IEHLC. The Legend Award recognizes the individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the community for a long period of time.

Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Honors Lewis Group Of Companies

A Partnership for Healthy Living

lewis-san antonio healthy communities institute, a partnership between randall lewis and san antonio hospitalSan Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, CA and Randall W. Lewis, Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of Companies, have announced a partnership called the Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute. Learn more..