What do you say when someone asks if you also specialize in rentals?

Well, the “survey says,” most real estate professionals say they do not; some responses may include, “well I typically don’t, but let me try to help”, or “I don’t, but let me refer you to someone that does”. In either case, I commend you for at least being open minded to the idea. I ask you, I encourage you, I implore you to Lewis Community Rentals - Park Placeget on this very fast moving train of helping individuals and families who need your guidance through the ins and outs of renting. Please remember that for many, renting is their only option based on past credit and/or debt considerations… But here is another thought and reality of our current housing market, many are CHOOSING to rent outright… That’s right, this is the “new normal” in our market. These are individuals and/or families that choose to rent simply because they may not have (or choose to not invest) the money needed for a down payment; or perhaps because they simply want the comforts of renting a home, where in many cases, are on par with resort style living. With amenities that may include centrally located communities (relative to jobs, shopping and entertainment), state of the art gyms and facilities, and luxuries like multiple pools and pet friendly communities, it’s no wonder why the “new normal” is more people opting to rent rather than buy.

Understanding this argument may appear one sided in favor of advocating for the rental path, let me remind you that these same people you’ve helped them with their lease, are the same people that may very well buy a home sooner than you think.

pool-areaWhile many agents are all about the one “transaction” with each client, and subscribe to the numbers game approach, I’m here to encourage you to approach the “transaction” as an opportunity to establish a long “relationship” with these individuals. This approach, in my humble opinion, will be far more conducive to possibly receiving referrals from these very people. Establish a good working relationship with them, and earn the right to be their go-to Real Estate Professional for all their housing needs.

So now that you’ve hopefully entertained the thought of diversifying your approach to real estate and may be more willing to embrace the phone call asking if you do rentals, why not tap into the numerous opportunities of individuals and families seeking your expertise; all the while, earning a very generous referral while you’re at it… Well, I’m happy to report the Broker Referral Program the Lewis Apartment Communities offers is that very opportunity. You can learn all about the Broker Referral program, by visiting LewisBroker.com.

For more information on specific client needs, office tours of our communities, office meeting presentations of our referral program, or further general questions, please contact:

Mauricio “Mo” Capetillo at 909-946-7506 or email mauricio.capetillo@lewismc.com.

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