Looking to boost your position in the world of real estate?

Every year, Lewis Group of Companies is proud to host one of the most significant and important real estate events of the year: the Agent & Builder Palooza! Real estate agents have much to gain from attending this event, which features the presence of many of the area’s leading home builders.

Here are 10 reasons to attend the next Agent & Builder Palooza:

1. To Meet A Collection Of Builders In One Fell Swoop

The more properties you are aware of, the more sales you’ll make! Variety is key when offering your clients homes. When you can offer properties from different builders, you also offer different designs, architecture and price points, meaning you’re more likely to pinpoint your client’s dream home and make a sale!

2. To Make Connections and Foster Valuable Relationships

Networking in any business is essential, but it’s crucial for real estate agents. At our Builder Palooza, you’ll meet lots of nationally recognized home builders, of which could position you to create valuable relationships. You’ll also learn more about Lewis Group of Companies. Of particular interest to agents, we’ll be sharing more about our broker and commission programs, and the benefits of partnering with us. All of these connections could lead you to new deals and collaborations that will benefit you greatly.

3. To Ask The Builders Those Questions You’ve Been Wanting To Ask

Is it possible to customize a home in a planned community? What landscaping options are available? How long does the purchasing process typically take? When embarking on a new relationship with a builder, you’ll have a list of questions you need answers to before you can make a sale. At Builder Palooza, get all of your questions answered all at once!

4. To Learn About Where The Current And Future Projects Are

A Real Estate Agent must be in the know about both current and upcoming projects. Get your official update from the area’s leading home builders at the event.


Builder Palooza

5. To Learn the Benefits Of Buying New Straight From The Source

Making a sale is more complicated than just matching a client with their dream home. You’ll have the opportunity to ask what talking points you could use when counseling your clients on why buying new may be a great option for them.

6. To Know Your Inventory

This opportunity to interact with builders will give you more intimate knowledge of today’s real estate inventory. Remember, it’s very important you stay up to date on where new home inventory is now, and where it will be in the months to come.

7. To Preview Models with Comfort, Style, and Ease

There’s no more natural way to preview new models than at Builder Palooza. You’ll be in the heart of various new neighborhoods where we will offer you exclusive walk-throughs. After a preview, you’ll be confident extolling each model’s features when speaking with clients.

8. To Post About Your Experience on Social Media

Is your social media feed lacking updates? Alternatively, perhaps your posts are monotonous and only show updates about new properties. Builder Palooza offers you the chance to make dynamic posts about your involvement in the industry.

9. To Network With Your Peers And Other Affiliates Related To Our Industry

Meet other real estate agents, developers and others related to the industry. Connecting and chatting with others will enhance your knowledge and help you stay up to date with the latest trends in the area. Builder Palooza is the perfect place to get a few more phone numbers and widen your social media following with new contacts.

10. For a FREE Lunch*, For the Builder Swag, and For the Overall Fun of It

As a bonus to all of the above benefits, we’re offering free lunch* for attendees. Builders will also be providing plenty of swag. As if that’s not enough, the event will feature fun activities such as giveaways and raffles** as well!

Be sure to sign-up for the latest news on this and other upcoming events!

*Lunch is provided for each registration. Offer available while supplies last.

**Winner need not be present at drawing.