A new client has inquired about your services; you have a new property to visit, and your list of marketing tasks is about five miles long. Real estate professionals are never done working. Fortunately, even as new marketing strategies emerge, there are also many apps that can help you stay relevant.

At a recent industry event, real estate professionals and other industry movers and shakers learned all about the science of real estate. Throughout the many activities, workshops, and sessions, attendees discovered many helpful apps. Here are 7 apps that caught our eye.

1. ManyChat

With this tool, create a Facebook messenger bot that you can use to communicate with your followers and subscribers. As a real estate professional, you know that a quick response to a client can make all the difference in converting that client into a sale. In our world, a slow response can quickly send your potential lead to the competition. A Facebook bot is one way you can respond promptly to your client’s needs and questions without eating up hours of your day frantically answering questions on many social media sites. The ManyChat bot can hold an entire conversation with your client, help people sign up as a subscriber, send out planned messages to subscribers, send out sequenced messages and notify you when you need to get involved.

2. Hootsuite

Are you overwhelmed by managing your many social media platforms? Hootsuite is a scheduling tool that allows you to batch your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more! Instead of posting daily, take care of your social media posts on a weekly basis and then watch your posts appear automatically. Also, you’ll gain access to helpful reports that let you know which campaigns achieved the most engagement. This allows you to tailor your message to your audience more effectively. Hootsuite also offers other features including a search option that will enable you to monitor industry trends and a content curation tool. You can even create ads on Hootsuite that allow you to boost the reach of your content.

3. Vyral Marketing

Video content is the new king of marketing. If the thought of making your own video to send to your subscription list makes you nervous or is too overwhelming to contemplate, this tool is for you. Vyral takes care of all of the technicalities like video editing, tracking who watches your videos, researching keywords and more! As a result, you’ll engage more effectively with your audience and build your client base.

4. Handwrytten

Did you know that handwritten mail has an 80% open rate when compared to email and printed mail? The personal touch of handwritten notes is undeniably more effective than print. So, send your “Thank You Notes” and other client communications using this fantastic service that will engage your audience without taking up hours of your day. Merely pick a handwriting style, type in your message and recipient, and Handwrytten takes care of the rest.

5. All The Leads

Any real estate agent can at times feel stuck without enough leads. All the Leads is a company that offers you easy access to probate leads so that you can target individuals who are the executors of an estate or otherwise in charge of completing probate. Using reliable research, this company provides you with specific data about people who will need to sell a property soon. Eliminate the guesswork about who your next clients will be and talk directly to an interested audience with All the Leads.

6. My Out Desk

My Out Desk offers virtual assistant services specifically tailored to the needs of real estate agents. Rather than spending hours and hours of your day completing tedious administrative tasks such as email, cold calling, and online marketing, allow a virtual assistant to take care of these tasks. This will free you up for those important property visits, in-person meetings, and deal-closings.

7. Ylopo

Looking for an all-encompassing marketing solution for your real estate business? From generating leads to creating a custom website, customer relationship management, social media management, listing support and more, Ylopo has thought of everything. With the help of Ylopo, you can outsource many of your recurring, administrative tasks and focus on the parts of your job that make you sales.

Real estate is a competitive business that requires constant adjustment and change to keep up. Customers expect engagement, interaction, and responsiveness on their favorite platform; whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or in their mailbox. While it’s increasingly challenging for real estate agents to manage all of these areas on their own, apps like the above allow agents to expand their reach more than ever before.

Don’t fall behind with old marketing and lead generation practices. Stay ahead of the game by choosing innovative tools and apps that will keep your brand relevant.

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