On the fence about buying a new home? Deciding to buy a new house or opting for an older home can be challenging. It’s a significant investment, and you don’t want to rush into it.

If you’re not sure how to choose, please consider some of the benefits and reasons I’ve listed. Spoiler Alert though, new homes offer many advantages that go beyond that new home feeling.

Here are 10 benefits of buying a new home you should consider:

Input on Design

From choosing the style and color of your cabinets to selecting your favorite countertops, fixtures, and flooring, you will (in many cases) have the final say on what your dream home will look like. There’s nothing like personalizing your house to match your style and design preferences from the get-go. This will make you feel like you’re truly moving into a home designed for you instead of one made for someone else.

Builder’s Warranties

Generally speaking reputable builders build with a sense of pride on not only how a home will look, but also on the quality of construction. This is typically demonstrated through offering extensive and thorough walk through opportunities prior to closing, as well as through warranties that stand behind the construction of the home built. This, in my opinion, not only gives you peace of mind going in, but it also provides the means to be able to go back to the builder should a warranty issue arise. Another important consideration is that these types of assurances don’t typically come with the purchase of a pre-owned home. Although scenarios I’ve given are typical, I would still strongly encourage you to consult with the builder you are considering, to learn what specifically is covered (and for how long) on their respective warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Newer homes make use of more recent, higher quality materials and technologies that result in better energy efficiency. For example, newer insulation, windows, and roofs achieve better efficiency than older versions. Also, new appliances and heating and cooling systems come installed in new homes. Typically, more modern technologies offer improved energy efficiency as well. A more energy efficient home typically means long-term savings and an added benefit of minimizing its environmental footprint as well.

Better Air Quality

Air quality isn’t something people think about too often, but since you spend most of your time indoors, it is an important consideration when choosing a home. Today’s construction standards for new homes ensure excellent air quality. Not only are there stringent regulations surrounding off-gassing of materials, but newer HVAC systems are better at managing air quality than older ones. Furthermore, new homes offer better protection from mold and moisture thanks to improved building techniques and materials. You can talk with your builder to ensure that they use the best strategies regarding your indoor air quality.

Low Maintenance

No one wants to move into a home, only to find that there’s work to be done due to a failing heater or aging walls. With a new home, you’re unlikely to have to perform any significant maintenance tasks for a long time, thanks to the warranty on the house and the simple fact that it’s NEW! Resale homes have inevitably suffered wear and tear over the years, meaning it’s more likely that the home will require maintenance.

Community Amenities

Today’s building trends reflect a strong demand for new home communities that are well thought out and in many cases self sufficient. Your new home may feature community amenities such as schools, lush parks, nearby shopping, walking trails, pools, fitness centers, dog parks, plus much more. Community Developers are also typically mindful of facilitating your commute as much as possible, through building near popular destinations, freeways and mass transit in many cases. 

Benefits of Buying a New Home

Optimal Safety

With building codes and standards always trending towards added consumer protection, new home builders must adapt and adhere to these stricter standards. Buying a new home in today’s market, not only gives you a more modern home built with the latest building methods, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your new home was built well and with safety at the forefront.

Latest Technology

A new home offers the most recent technological advances both in building style and in appliances. In many cases, you can even enjoy built-in smart home technology options such as Alexa, Ring Door Bell, Nest, and more. Consult with your builder to learn the smart features and latest technology they offer.

Latest Design

Today’s floor plans include more ingenious, efficient storage, higher ceilings you adore (in many cases) and more open floor plans that allow for plenty of natural light to stream in. These more modern floor plans maximize the use of of space, which results in a carefully designed home you’ll enjoy in its entirety.

Benefits of Buying

You’re First!

There’s an emotional advantage to being the first family to inhabit a home. A new home reflects your style, preferences, and desires. The team of builders work hard to make the house exactly how you dreamed it would be. There’s nothing to replace that feeling that the home is yours, made for you and that you’re the first one to live there.

Buying a new home offers you the best the housing market has to offer. You’ll get a cutting-edge design, energy efficiency, safety, plus much more. When you choose a new house, you can be involved in the process and get the DREAM HOME you’ve always wanted!

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