Florence Strange

Referral Agent of the Quarter Spring 2015

Lewis Apartments is proud to announce Florence Strange as our Lewis Apartments Referral Agent of the Quarter for Spring 2015.

Florence has been employed as a full time realtor since 2007. She is associated with All Nations Realty and Investments, located within Victoria Gardens Mall. Florence is married with two adult children. Prior to becoming a realtor Florence was an inspector with the State of California Food and Agriculture Code Enforcement. Florence loves to travel and enjoys attending live theatre and movies with her family.

Florence’s client was a referral from a friend: A single woman, recently retired, moving back to Rancho from Ventura County. The client said she wanted three bedrooms and 1,500 square feet of space. She also requested new construction, or something that was relatively new. She wanted the convenience and freedom of an apartment home, which would allow her to come and go as she pleased, and travel often.

The first place that came to Florence’s mind was The Enclave at Homecoming Terra Vista. When she took her client there it was love at first sight. The client actually took pictures of the models on the first trip, then went out and purchased furniture to match.

Thank you Florence for bringing your client to The Enclave at Homecoming Terra Vista, we are happy to have partnered with you. We are also happy to have sent you a referral check for $1,868.40. Florence told me that some of her resale deals didn’t pay her as much. I could only smile.