Lewis Events: Creating Community and Building Connections

At Lewis Group of Companies, there is an entire department dedicated to planning and executing events for the residents of Lewis Apartment Communities. Resident events can range from Easter egg hunts and cookies for Santa to casino nights and nacho bars.

We value our residents and it’s the goal of the Lewis events team to bring residents together and make their living experience a unique and memorable one.

Here’s the Lewis corporate team behind the amazing food and fun:

lgoc-traci-altmanTraci Altman, Director of Events – Lewis Group of Companies


lgoc-vanessa-segoviaVanessa Segovia, Senior Event Coordinator – Lewis Group of Companies


lgoc-amber-crossAmber Cross, Events Coordinator – Lewis Group of Companies


lgoc-susie-mellinSusie Mellin, Events Coordinator – Lewis Group of Companies



Why Resident Events?

Becoming acquainted with new and current residents is important for the Lewis events team, and with the cooperation of the Lifestyle Directors at the Homecoming communities, having a resident events is a must.

“What makes events great is it it allows me to connect with residents and helps builds a sense of community and we all feel connected in a way.” – Susie Mellin

Reoccurring events hosted at various Lewis Apartment Communities:

  • Casino Night
  • Breakfast & Lunch Clubs
  • Holiday Breakfasts
  • Live entertainment with catered food
  • Much more…

Off-Site Events

The Lewis events team hosts off-site events for all residents at Lewis Apartment Communities. Some events are free and some may require a small fee.

Some events include:

  • Free Ice Skating at Center Ice Arena in Ontario
  • Free John’s Incredible Pizza
  • $5 Cinema Night at Terra Vista 6
  • $7 Scandia Night
  • $5 LOL Kids Club
  • $10 Quakes Night

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Lewis apartment Communities wins CEL Award 2016Lewis Apartment Communities was recently awarded the National Multifamily Customer Service Award for Excellence for the 10th consecutive year. Learn more here.

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