The Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship is an intern program designed to develop and equip graduate students in health related fields to influence public policy and the local community.

The Fellowship works to create educational and professional opportunities in health policies and encourage students to make a difference in their community.

Kennedy,Lynne2015The fellowship provides an opportunity to develop regional health policies and an infrastructure to ensure that we have the capacity to retain the intellectual capital throughout the Inland Empire.” – Lynne Kennedy, Mayor Pro Tem – Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

On, April 20th, 2017, the Randall Lewis Health Policy Forum took place at the Cultural Center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

The event presented graduates and attendees the opportunity to speak with Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President Marketing for the Lewis Group of Companies and with local city officials including Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantez and Mayor Pro Tem Lynne Kennedy about local health initiatives throughout the year.

Contributions in Health Conscious Communities

Fellows from local communities like San Bernardino, shared health initiatives that they developed throughout the year with other fellows and had the opportunity to learn what others were implementing in their own communities.

Randall Lewis Health Poilicy Fellowship Students

Engaging Fellows and Students

Maggie Hawkins, Director of the Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship, outlines three major goals for the fellowship:

  1. The fellowship exists to help support healthy community efforts.
  2. Engage talented graduate students in our own region to utilize their knowledge and energy for work being done through health related initiatives.
  3. Engage fellows in the local work force to help contribute to local healthy initiatives.

The Fellowship is encouraging communities and cities to embrace healthy living. The City of Rancho Cucamonga is a prime example:

lgoc maggie hawkinsRancho Cucamonga is a great example of a city having collaborations with the Fellowship and with all different sectors of the community. It is one of the many cities in this region that is embracing the concept of healthy communities and making Fellowship work happen at a local level.” –Maggie Hawkins, Director of the Randall Lewis Health Policy Fellowship.


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