On May 18th, the Lewis Group of Companies held their annual Terra Vista School Staff Appreciation mixer in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to thank principals, teachers, and staff for their excellent contributions to education in the local area.

Representatives from these schools attended the event:

Recognizing Teachers and Principals

Teachers, principals, and school staff enjoyed a catered dinner while Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President of Lewis Group of Companies, shared his appreciation for their commitment to education:

Randall W. Lewis Executive Vice President of the Lewis Group of Companies.“Thank you for all that you do. We feel so grateful as a family and a business for the great schools, teachers, staff, and students. Rancho Cucamonga is just truly a wonderful community.” – Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President of Lewis Group of Companies

Joining in the celebration to congratulate Terra Vista principals, teachers and staff were Rancho Cucamonga City Officials including Mayor L. Dennis Michael, Council Member Bill Alexander, Council Member Sam Spagnolo, and Council Woman Diane Williams.

lgoc - dennis michael“Every year the Lewis Group of Companies hosts this event to recognize all the schools that educate all of the children within the Terra Vista planned community. Randall Lewis places a huge priority on educational outcomes in our school systems. ” – Dennis Michael, Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga

The event was filled with positive energy, and educators were excited to talk about successful programs in their schools.  Principal Cary Willborn shares about a program that won Rancho Cucamonga High School the Golden Bell Award:

The Terra Vista Schools received certificates of appreciation in which each principal accepted on the schools’ behalf.  Teachers and principals look forward to this event every year as Principal of Dona Merced states:

lgoc pam schlappi“I love this event because our teachers and staff work so hard, and it’s a way for them to relax and have fun and feel like someone appreciates and cares about what they do.” – Pam Schlappi, Principal of Dona Merced

terra vista schools appreciation mixer

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